Initial Analysis

A look at the vehicle from the outside can show a lot of the damage, but there is no way of knowing the full extent of the damage without disassembly. This allows us to provide an accurate quote to fully repair your vehicle. Even if you don’t go with us, please ensure that there is a complete assessment of the damage to your vehicle before you start driving it again.

Damage Assessment & Repair Plan

After the initial analysis, we put together a detailed plan of repairs and discuss the entire plan with you, and answer any questions you might have. We also put together an accurate quote, including the cost of ordering required parts, and we ensure we have your permission to move ahead before any work is done on your car.

Body Repairs

Once we have the plan and your approval, we start body work, our panel beaters work to return the panels back to their original shape, and our chassis straightener ensures the frame is brought back to factory specifications.


Our expert spray painters are equipped with a dust-free, heat and humidity controlled paint booth which allows us to mimic the factory conditions that your vehicle was originally painted in, so that the repairs will match the undamaged panels. Once the colour coat is complete, we apply a clear coat to provide extra protection and gloss so your vehicle looks brand-new. We are so confident in our paintwork that we offer a lifetime guarantee.


Every step through the process starts with a check to make sure that the work we’re doing is flawless, but we include one final triple-check of everything before we put the vehicle back together. This ensures that we only provide the highest quality work to all of our valued customers.


Once everything is complete, the vehicle is ready to be driven again, and an outside observer would never know your vehicle had been in an accident at all!

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